The challenge of today’s leadership is complex.

Leaders focus on growing their respective businesses. They pay attention to shareholder value, employee well-being, market trends, industry innovations – the list goes on. However, it is no less important for leaders to prepare, develop, and grow their own ability to lead.

Our ability to lead with power and purpose is directly related to developing ourselves.

We need to expand our personal capacity to be effective.

Much of the leadership language centres on capabilities – skills, learning, or experiences.

Capacity building demands developing our personal ability to grow.

The question is, are you developing the capacity to do so?

The Six C’s Of Leadership is intended to evoke the leader in you. It is also designed to invite you to develop as a leader through practices.

“A few years ago, I was invited to speak at a corporate workshop. The room was filled with over 80 attendees comprising of the CEO, Directors, Business Unit Leaders, Senior Managers, and Managers.

In preparation for the seminar, I started to think about what I wanted to offer that would serve the best interest of this team of leaders. That was when The Six C’s Of Leadership emerged.

A couple of weeks later, I discovered that The Six C’s Of Leadership contributed extensively to their understanding and application of their own vision, mission, and values. It helped them become more align as a business. They were able to look at themselves, their businesses, and their relationships with clients, and see where they can be more effective.

On another occasion (after The Six C’s Of Leadership book was published), a client of mine who is a Senior Executive was promoted to a new role. Of course, he had a copy of my book and he was thrilled upon finishing the book.

Gaining insights and inspirations from The Six C’s Of Leadership, he created a model of how he wanted to impact his new organization. He determined the culture that he wanted to create and build which then helped him grow and strengthen his relationship with his team. That also resulted in him creating “The 4C’s” for himself!

Recalling these incidents has inspired me to now offer The Six C’s Of Leadership virtual workshop. I see this as an opportunity to engage with more people (virtually) so that I can enrich their access as well as to deepen the understanding of The Six C’s Of Leadership.

I want to call forward the leader in them. In every way possible, I want to enable them to see and appreciate the leader that they are. My wish for them is that they will begin to experience that about themselves and express their unique leadership to the world.

You don’t need to be a CEO, Director, or Manager to lead with power and purpose. You can be anyone and anywhere. This is an opportunity for you to reach inside and lead by being who you are.”

– Mel Christie

The Six C’s Of Leadership Virtual Workshop.

Our intention is to enable leaders to understand and experience The Six C’s of Leadership characteristics applied to today’s complex environments. 

These characteristics are identified by Mel Christie, author of The Six C’s Of Leadership book, throughout his years of successfully assisting leaders in their personal and professional development.

In this 1-day virtual workshop, you will

  • Explore the leadership characteristics as written in The Six C’s Of Leadership book.
  • Discover practical, personal and professional applications in daily life.
  • Create effective practice support for leadership enrichment. 

We will also help address your concerns as below:

  • How to lead my team effectively?
  • How to nurture and develop others?
  • How to navigate in a corporate environment?
  • How to lead with more power and influence?
  • How to translate leadership characteristics into real world results?

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” – John F. Kennedy

Join us at The Six C’s Of Leadership 1-day virtual workshop

  • Engage with other leaders.
  • Gain instantly applicable tools and practices.
  • Improve your ability to lead with power and purpose.
  • Get a head start for 2022!


New dates will be announced soon


Mel Christie

Melvin Christie has over 30 years’ experience as an international management consultant, facilitator and executive coach. He is passionate about creating results, developing effective leaders, and implementing strategies that make a difference.

Mel has expertise in leadership development, executive team development and is a certified Integral Coach®. His book, “The Six C’s Of Leadership, Improve Your Ability To Lead With Power And Purpose” assists you in your journey toward understanding and effective action, helping you translate insight into action and results.

Mel holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from St. John’s University and a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology from John F. Kennedy University.

LiiChu Low

LiiChu Low is a life-long learner, passionate about personal and leadership development. Her expertise is empowering and inspiring executives to create high performance results as well as a balance in their personal/professional life. Many of her clients have acknowledged her for her ability to assist them to see their challenges and issues in creative new ways that lead toward results.

LiiChu is a certified PCC Integral Coach®, a Certified Vocational Technical Officer and Certified SKM3 Qigong practitioner. She creates individual coaching programs to assist her clients to achieve their desired goals. She believes in the value of somatic work; transforming leadership excellence through the wisdom of the body. Human beings are an evolving work of art continuously expressing their beauty and uniqueness.

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