Volume 2: Leadership Capacity

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The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn

- Alvin Toffler -


Leadership Capacity

by Mel Christie

Continued from Volume 1…

This is an idea that a leader comes to realize at some point in their journey. All too often the experience of stress pulls someone in this direction. They begin to see that they are not dealing with their current challenges as well as they expect of themselves. Or perhaps, they are confronted with new challenges that demand more of them than they believe they can deliver. Simply stated, there comes a time that we all notice the place which demands “more” from us. We need to expand our personal capacity to be effective. Our premise is that you are ABLE, even when you are not certain that you CAN.

Professionals around the world practice their art. They grow their capacity to express their art in enhanced ways. Observe dancers, who practice daily to improve and grow. It would be foolish of us to think that they only dance at a performance. It takes discipline and commitment to their art to engage in regular practice. We can look at any arena of our human lives and see professionals growing their capacity. What exempts leaders? Yes, leaders focus on growing their respective businesses. They pay attention to shareholder value, employee well-being, market trends, industry innovations – the list goes on. However, it is no less important for leaders to prepare, develop, and grow their own ability to lead. This is what we mean by growing our leadership capacity. The Six C’s Of Leadership is intended to evoke the leader in you. It is also designed to invite you to develop as a leader through practices

A teacher will continue to learn so that they may offer their students their best. A parent will continuously expand their understanding and capacity to parent in order to give their best to their child. A scientist will express their commitment to their passion through research and dedication. Leaders who also practice and grow themselves also bring more to their companies.

Today’s workforce is multi-generational. It demands leadership that embraces newer ideas, understands diverse needs, and recognized innovative ways of getting results. Leadership, as an “living responsibility” must also be ready. Practice then becomes “readiness in action”.

Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow

- Ralph Waldo Emerson -

Readers' Stories

This section is dedicated for you our readers. Please send us your stories about your experiences with The Six C’s Of Leadership. Look for yours right here!

“I was traveling to a meeting in Singapore, realizing that I was nervous at the prospect. This meeting was important to me and I knew I was prepared. Still, it felt like I was going with fear in my heart and butterflies in my stomach. I recently read “The Six C’s Of Leadership” and was inspired by many of the message in it. I remembered the chapter about Comfort Zone. I was indeed moving outside my own. As I reflected on the road ahead, I used my learning from this book. I am excited to tell you that my meeting was very successfully. I was calmly focused and represented my company’s ideas with passion and clarity. Thanks for the reminder to be who I am.”

N. Ruhizan




  • Select a physical practice (walk, run, yoga, tai chi…)
  • Choose a time to engage in this practice.
  • Commit to this somatic practice daily (week, month)
  • Fulfill your commitment


  • What is your experience doing this practice?
  • What are you learning about yourself?
  • What are you learning about commitment?
  • How do you intend to incorporate this practice in your life?
  • What applications do you perceive for yourself through this practice?

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